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Cash Converters

Cash Converters '* largest franchise operator, Capital Cash, has 15 stores in West London and is planning to expand to around 40 stores within five years.


As a business which has increased in size from six stores to 15 in two years, Cash Converters' IT systems were unstructured and no longer performed the functions which a growing business required. With ambitious expansion plans, the company needed to implement a completely new communications strategy which would provide for their immediate needs whilst also supporting their future growth.

Having decided to set up a formal head office at one of the 15 stores, Cash Converters wanted to implement a networked solution which would decrease costs throughout the business, as well as providing improved functionality for users.


After lengthy discussions regarding the new strategy with Cash Converters' Managing Director Carl Murray, Nortel and Panther Telecom implemented a sophisticated multi-site Voice over IP network. This included a Nortel Business Communications Manager 400 at head office with a Nortel CallPilot voicemail solution, plus a Nortel VPN Router which makes 'tunnels' to each store to create a Virtual Private Network for voice and data traffic. The head office solution also includes a Nortel Business Ethernet Switch 120 and Nortel IP Phone 1200s . Smaller branches have a Nortel Business Secure Router 252 with a Nortel IP Phone 2001 , and the three larger ones have a Nortel Business Ethernet Switch 50 which enables internal calling, plus Nortel IP Phone 2001s .


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