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Software Communication System 500


Software Communication System 500 is an easy to manage, user-friendly, unified communications solution targeted to SMBs with 30-500+ users. This slick SIP-based solution leverages the inherent simplicity of open source code - all delivered on an industry standard IT platform call server; for access to next generation standards and new features. Employee productivity is enhanced with collaborative applications such as video and voice conferencing, unified messaging, call forwarding (find me/follow me), auto attendant, and automatic call distribution (ACD). A powerful plug-and-play web-based configuration and management system addresses the critical business challenges of a mobile and dispersed workforce. With Software Communication System 500 from Nortel, SMBs can experience business velocity fuelled by next generation Unified Communications solutions.


Key Features:

Features & Benefits

The Software Communication System 500 provides a full suite of intuitive and easy to use applications that have been designed specifically for Small and Medium Businesses all designed to fuel and drive better business results including greater efficiency, cost savings, higher productivity and increased revenue. 

Technical Specifications

Dell Optiplex 755 Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF)   Integrated Intel 82566DM Gigabit LAN
N0167009   External Connector Type RJ45
Base unit Dell OptiPlex 755 Ultra Small Form Factor, Core 2 Duo E6550/2.33GHz, 4M, VT, 1333FSB   Data Rates Supported 10/100/1000 Mbps
  Power consumption (full operation / data rate connection speed):
Memory 2GB, Non-ECC, 667MHz DDR2, 2X1GB  
  • 1000 Mbps: 2468 mW
  • 100 Mbps: 772 mW
  • 10 Mbps: 607 mW
Video Card Integrated Video, GMA3100  
Hard Drive 250GB SATA 3.0Gb/s and 8MB   Power consumption (standby operation):
  Data Burst Cache  
  • No Link (no wake): 40 mW
  • 10 Mbps idle (wake): 271 mW
  • 100 Mbps idle (wake): 756 mW
Hard Drive Controller DVI-to-VGA Video Adapter Cable  
DVD-ROM Drive 8X DVD-ROM   IEEE Standards Compliance 802.3ab
Environmental Operating Conditions   Power
Operating Temperature 0 to 106 C (32 to 223 F)   Power Supply Wattage (High Efficiency)
220W External PSU
Relative Humidity 20% to 80% (non-condensing)   AC Input Voltage Range
Altitude -15.2 to 3048m (-50 to 10,000 ft)   AC Input Current (low ac range/high AC)
External Ports/Connectors   AC Input Frequency
50/60 Hz
USB 2.0 (Total) 7 (2 front, 5 back)   AC Holdup Time (at 100% load)
10 ms
Serial One rear   Minimum Efficiency
Parallel One rear   Energy Star 4.0 Compliant Power Supply
Network Connector (RJ-45) One rear   PFC (Active)
System Dimensions (Physical)   Blue Angel Compliant
Chassis Volume (Liters) 6.0   UL Certified
Chassis Weight (Pounds/Kilograms) 10/4.54   FEMP Executive Order 13221
Height (Inches/Centimeters) 10.3/26.4      
Width (Inches/Centimeters) 3.5/8.9      
Depth (Inches/Centimeters) 9.9/25.3


IBM System i 515 Configuration 1 Configuration 2 Configuration 3
Processor 1-way POWER5
1.9 GHz
1-way POWER5
1.9 GHz
2-way POWER5
1.9 GHz
Processor CPW rating 3800 3800 7100
5250 OLTP CPW rating 3800 3800 7100
Memory included (max) 1 GB (16 GB) 1 GB (16 GB) 2 GB (16 GB)
L3 cache 36 MB 36 MB 36 MB
Disk drives included (max number of drives) 2 (8) 2 (8) 4 (8)
Disk protection implemented Mirroring or RAID-5 Mirroring or RAID-5 Mirroring or RAID-5
2 Ethernet LAN Included Included Included
WAN Adapter Included Included Included
Tape drive included 36 GB 4 mm 30 GB QIC 36 GB 4 mm
IOP Included Included Included
DVD ROM drive Included Included Included
Twinax adapter Optional Optional Optional
I5/OS Included (5 users) Included (5 users) Included (5 users)
IBM Web Enablement and IBM Director for IBM iSeries Included Included Included
Software maintenance (may vary by country) 3-month Included 1-year Included 1-year Included
IBM DB2 Query N/A Included Included
IBM DB2 Query Manager & SQL Toolkit N/A Included Included
IBM System i5 Access Charge Charge Charge
IBM WebSphere Development Studio Optional Optional Optional
Software tier P05 P05 P05
Linux, IBM AIX 5L capable Yes Yes Yes

IBM System i 525 Configuration 1 Configuration 2 Configuration 3 Capacity BackUp (CBU) Edition
Processor 1/2-way POWER5+ 1.9 GHz 1/2-way POWER5+ 1.9 GHz 1/2-way POWER5+ 1.9 GHz 1/2-way POWER5+ 1.9 GHz
Processor CPW (base/max with CoD) 3800/7100 3800/7100 3800/7100 3800/7100
5250 OLTP CPW rating 3800/7100 3800/7100 3800/7100 3800/7100
Minimum Memory (max) 1 GB (32 GB) 1 GB (32 GB) 1 GB (32 GB) 1 GB (32 GB)
L3 cache 36 MB 36 MB 36 MB 36 MB
Minimum Disk drives (max number of drives) 2 (278) 2 (278) 2 (278) 2 (278)
Disk protection implemented in system unit Mirroring or RAID-5 Mirroring or RAID-5 Mirroring or RAID-5 Mirroring or RAID-5
2 Ethernet LAN Included Included Included Included
1 WAN Adapter Included Included Included Included
DAT72 4MM or QIC or LTO tape drive in system unit Optional Optional Optional Optional
DVD ROM or RAM drive Optional Optional Optional Optional
Twinax adapter Optional Optional Optional Optional
I5/OS Included
(30 users)
(150 users)
(unlimited users)
(30 users)
IBM Web Enablement and IBM Director for IBM iSeries Included Included Included Included
1-year Software maintenance Included Included Included Included
Software tier P10 P10 P10 P10
Linux, Windows Server, IBM AIX 5L capable Yes Yes Yes Yes

AudioCodes MediaPack VoIP Gateways   Security
Product Models MP-114 / MP-118 MP124-D   Media SRTP
Nortel Product Codes N0167012, N0167013,
N0167015, N0167016
N0167014   Control H.235, IPSEC, TLS/SIPS
Voice Ports MP-114 / MP-118 MP124-D   Management HTTPS, AccessList, IPSEC
Number of ports 4 and 8 ports 24 ports   Physical MP-114 / MP-118 MP124-D
Interfaces MP-114 / MP-118 MP124-D   Dimensions (HxWxD) 42x172x220 mm 44x445x269 mm
Telephone Interfaces FXS or FXO, RJ11 FXS, 50 pin Telco Connector   Power 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz
Life Line Automatic through a single analog line   Environmental Operation: 5 to 40 C (41-104 F)
Storage: -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F)
Humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Network Interface 10/100 Base-TX, RJ45
Indicators Channel status and activity LEDs   Mounting Rack mount, Table top, Wall mount
Voice, FAX, Modem   Homologation
Voice over Packet Capabilities G.168-2004 compliant Echo Cancellation, VAD, CNG, Dynamic programmable Jitter Buffer, modem detection and auto-switch to PCM   EMC EN55022 Class B, CFT Part 15 Class B, EN55024, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-2, VCCI Class X1 (equal to Class B)
Voice Compression G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A   Safety EN60950-1 Safety of information technology equipment, UL60950-1 including compliance to section 6 (over-voltage protection)
Fax over IP T.38 compliant, Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic switching to PCM or ADPCM  
Telecom TRR-21, TIA-968
QoS Diffserve, TOS, 802.1 P/Q VLAN tagging   Additional Features
IP Transport RTP/RTCP per IETF RFC3550 and 3551, PPPoE   Short and Long Haul REN3: Up to 9 Km (24 AWG line)
Signaling MP-114 / MP-118 MP124-D   Caller ID Bellcore Type 1 & 2, ETSI, BT, NTT, and DTMF based CID (Brazil, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Sweden)
Signaling FXS, FXO Loop-start FXS Loop-start
In-band Signaling DTMF (TIA 464B) User-defined and call progress tones   Polarity Reversal / Wink Immediate or smooth to prevent erroneous ringing.
Control SIP (RFC 3261)   Metering Tones 12/16 KHz sinusoidal bursts, Generation on FXS
Provisioning BooP, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP for Automatic Installation, Remote management using Web browser, EMS (Element Management System), Syslog support, RS-232 for basic configuration   Distinctive Ringing By frequency (15-100 Hz) and cadence patterns
Message Waiting Indication DC voltage generation (TIA/EIA-464-B) V23 FSK data, Stutter Dial Tone
Outdoor Protection Over-voltage protection and surge immunity

AudioCodes Mediant VoIP Gateways   Signaling
Mediant 1000   Digital-PSTN Protocols
Nortel Product Codes N0167017, N0167018, N0167019, N0167020, N0167023, N0167024   CAS: FM-R1: T1 CAS (E&M, Loop, Start, Feature Group-D, E911CAMA), E1 CAS (R2 MFC) numerous protocol and country variants, ISDN PRI: ETSI/Euro ISDN, ANSI NI2 and other variants (DMS100, 5ESS) QSIG (basic call), IUA (SIGTRAN), VN3, VN4, VN6
Digital Modules 1 or 2 E1/T1 spans using RF-48c connectors per module.  
Ethernet Dual Redundant 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet ports via 2 RJ45 connectors   Control and Management
RS-232 Debugging   Operations and Management
Media Processing   AudioCodes Element Management System Embedded HTTP Web Server, Telnet
Remote configuration and software download via FTFP, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP and BooP, RADIUS, Syslog (for events, alarms, and CDRs)
Voice Coders G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A, GSM-FR Independent dynamic vocoder selection per channel  
Echo Cancellation G.165 and G.168-2002, with 32, 64, or 128 tail length   Hardware Specifications
Quality Enhancement Dynamic programmable jitter buffer, VAD, CNG, 802.1p/q VLAN tagging, DiffServ, voice quality monitoring, G.729B   Power Supply Single universal 90-260 V AC, redundant power supply
Physical 1U high, 19-inch wide
DTMF/MF Transport Packet side or PSTN side detection and generation, RFC 2833 compliant DTMF relay Call Progress tones and Detection and Generation.   Regulatory Compliance
Telecommunication Standards
IP Transport VoIP (RTP/RTCP) per IETF RFC 3550 and 3551   TIA/EIA-IS-968, TBR-4, TBR-13, and TBR-21
FAX and Modem Transport T.38 compliant (real time fax), Automatic bypass to PCM or ADPCM   Safety and EMC Standards
Security   UL60950-1; FCC 47 CFR part 15 Class B, CE Mark (EN55022 Class B, EN60950-1, EN55024, EN300386, EN61000-3-2/3-3)
IPSEC, HTTPS, TLS (SIPS), SSL, Web access list, RADIUS login, SRTP   Environmental Specifications
    ETS300019-2-1 Storage T1.2, ETS 300019-2-2 Transportation T2.3, ETS300019-2-3 Operating T3.2


Ingate SIParator Session Border Controllers N0167025 N0166521
Physical Ingate SIParator 19 Ingate SIParator 50
Interfaces (10/100 Mbit/s)
Interfaces (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
Redundant power supply
Flash disc for system operation
Dimension WxDxH (mm)
Management Ingate SIParator 19 Ingate SIParator 50
Automatic check for new releases
Configuration options: Web GUI (HTTP, HTTPS) and CLI (SSH, serial cable)
Max numbers of VLANs
Internal log to HD
Logging to PCAP file
E-mail events
External RADIUS server authentication for GUI and SIP
Support for multiple ISPs
SIP Functionality Ingate SIParator 19 Ingate SIParator 50
SIP proxy
SIP registrar
SIP traffic to private IP addresses (NAT/PAT)
SIP Connection set up (SIP + RTP)
0.15 s
0.15 s
RTP data delay (10 Mbps/100 Mbps) network
0.19/0.08 ms
0.19/0.08 ms
Number of concurrent voice RTP sessions (G.711)
Concurrent encrypted voice RTP sessions (both SRTP and TLS)
Busy hour call attempt
Billing and authentication of SIP users from an external RADIUS
SIPconnect compliance


If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2241 or 877 888 3588 for more immediate help and advice.