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is an innovative, Dublin-based software development company that has been developing enabling solutions for mobile operators since 1997. Its head quarters are located in Dublin, Ireland, and a regional office is in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Telcotec's Dublin-based workforce had doubled in two years, from 20 staff to 40. Due to this rapid company expansion, the fast-growing telecoms software and services provider decided to move to considerably larger premises in south Dublin.

At these premises, it sought to implement a reliable, scalable telephony infrastructure capable of supporting its growing staff base - and of supporting Voice over IP for cost savings.


Through the partnership between BT and Nortel, Telcotec implemented a brand new network based on the Nortel Business Communications Manager 400 . The Nortel Enterprise Switch Manager was added for ease of network monitoring and management, whilst the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 5520 enabled Power over Ethernet and additional network resiliency. A range of phones from the Nortel IP Phone 1100 series were also provided, which are straightforward to configure and connect as easily as a TDM handset.


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